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About TFAG

Welcome to TFAG, your number one source for social connect.

Founded in December 2017 by Gautam Parab and two more friends, TFAG has come a long way from its beginnings in a social meetup platform. When TFAG first started out, it’s passion for establishing a unique identity in meetup world drove us to do intense dedication, countless meetups and numerous social causes, which gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a number one meetup group nationwide.

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From Founder's Desk

Hi Friends, This is Gautam Parab, Founder & Admin - TFAG. Its been amazing journey so far with all our admins and members spread across various cities. I think key to our success lies in innovative ideas which keep on motivating our members to participate more.

TFAG is just not a group but my extended family & every person in TFAG is our family member. With clean and safe environment, all events which get conducted in cities we are in, witness full enthusiasm and happiness.

Being patriotic, I always dream to make TFAG reach in all possible counties in the world, considering our sanskrit phenomenon of 'vasudaiv kutumbakam' (world is my family). With your blessing & support, I strongly believe that it will happen for sure.

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Our Initiatives

TFAG is committed to enabling individuals to become active members of their own communities. Our services provide a full range of opportunities for individuals to gain valuable skills and knowledge in areas that interest them. Through many of TFAG initiatives, members have benefitted such as: business networking, Social awareness, Job opportunities, marketplace etc. Our initiatives are part of the different agendas managed at TFAG.



TSAR as the name suggests TFAG SOCIAL AWARENESS RESPONSIBILITIES is one of our Social Awareness which encourages TFAGERS to offer service to their communities.

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TBNF is business networking platform, an endeavor of TFAG. It’s a networking platform for B2B and B2C, be it an MSME, Large entrepreneurs or startups. We will provide every landscape to grow your business.

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TFAG Bazar

TFAG BAZAAR is an in-house local marketplace with lots of exciting and unique products & services by TFAGERS for TFAGERS because we care for you – and add value to your business.

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Our Presence

Started with just 3 members and in a single town, TFAG has now spread across 16 metro and non-metro cities PAN India. We are looking forward to get existed in 10 more cities in India and abroad as well.

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Presenting journey of TFAG from 2018 to till date including all types of event, carried out successfully by TFAGers. This exhibition considers the powerful role of vision and the visual in exploring celestial reality of TFAG. These pictures and videos will take you to the amazing and spectacular journey of TFAG.